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total body transformation

Total Body Transformation

Are you ready to get moving?

Looking to take your sport to the next level by improving your strength and endurance?

Do you need to lose weight?

Would you like to get off blood pressure, or other medications?


Total Body Transformation is about your goals. It is a fitness, nutrition and educational program uniquely designed for the individual patient according to what you want to accomplish. Personal optimal wellness is our focus for all of our clients and we believe that is attainable for every person, every body type, and at any age.

This goal oriented program yields rapid results. By immersing our clients in nutrition education, cardio and resistance training, and chiropractic, physical and massage therapy as needed, the transformation begins right away. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing change, feeling more energetic, and achieving your milestones towards your goals.

Total Body Transformation does not start and stop. It is a balanced, rehabilitative approach to lasting, positive lifestyle changes. We are here to help you live your D-R-E-A-M through education, consistency and great chiropractic support.

As a medical professional, it is also my philophy that I cannot and should not have goals and expectations for my clients that I don't have for myself.  So below I'm sharing the Before and After photos of my own Total Body Transformation.  I can tell you first hand that I get it!  I understand the challenges and the highs and lows of making a lifestyle change - and I understand the immense physical and psychological rewards in achieving your goals.  It is extremely gratifying to see patients gain strength and new self confidence and I look forward to working with you on your D-R-E-A-M.

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