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Royal Palm Beach Massage Therapy for Fantastic Body and Mind Wellness


Chiropractic care is all about the proper alignment of the spine to promote the preservation and restoration of an individual’s health. Chiropractic dates back to the 1800s, and since then, has helped millions of people around the world regain function and reduce pain using a natural healing method. Aside from seeking out chiropractic care, however, many people have benefited from Cobblestone Chiropractic and Wellness’ massage in Royal Palm Beach.

Like chiropractic care, massage therapy has a long history. It involves the manipulation of soft tissues like ligaments, muscles, and joints to improve function, manage pain, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being. In our practice, we’ve found that massage therapy is an excellent complement to chiropractic care— and it feels amazing, too.

Massage Therapy at Cobblestone Chiropractic and Wellness

All of our therapists are dedicated to your health goals and your unique individual course of treatment. Whatever you need—recovery from an injury, boosting your workout results, or simply to wind down and release your fatigue and negative energy— our team has the right massage in Royal Palm Beach for you.

Types of Massage We Offer

We offer various types of massage to fit every need. Below are some of our top services:

    • Swedish massage

This type of massage is a staple in the field and complements chiropractic treatments greatly. A chiropractor is able to relieve pressure on the nerves, and a Swedish massage enhances this by increasing oxygen to the afflicted area to relieve joint stiffness and osteoarthritis.

In addition, a Swedish massage employs five unique strokes to increase blood flow and gently relax your muscles. It integrates strokes like an effleurage glide, rhythmic tapping to soften up knots, kneading muscles, and a vibration method.

    • Deep Tissue or Myofascial Release

If you’re in severe pain or routinely engage in serious physical activity, such as construction work, then this might be the massage for you. This massage alleviates muscle surface tension to loosen binding or clumping. Deep tissue massage also affects the connective tissues between bones, muscles, and cartilage, therefore relieving pain and tension between muscle groups.

    • Trigger Point or Neuromuscular Therapy

This type of massage targets the “hyperirritable” knotted nerves burrowed within your skeletal muscles. Trigger point massage eliminates the pain and knotting that result from these areas. Our therapists will perform skilled pressure and targeted kneading to increase blood flow to the afflicted areas and release the knots.

It’s important to understand that neuromuscular massage on particular trigger points can affect other parts of the body. For instance, massaging trigger points on your back can help relieve headaches. Your therapist can also guide you through relaxation and breathing techniques for maximum effect.

    • Sports Massage

This is a fantastic option for athletes who want to prepare for major physical exertion or recover from the like. Knotted muscles, sore joints, and other pains and aches come naturally in the process of training and workouts. A sports massage will target specific muscle groups to minimize harm and lower the risk of injury.

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, you can definitely benefit from a sports massage as well, whether you routinely hit the gym or gearing up for a marathon.

Wondering which type of massage will give you the greatest benefit? Drop by our center at Royal Palm Beach, FL, and let’s talk about how massage therapy can improve your overall quality of life.

Cobblestone Chiropractic and Wellness services the communities of Greenacres, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, the greater West Palm Beach, and the Acreage, so visit us at your latest convenience!

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