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Massage is an excellent complimentary therapy to chiropractic care – and it feels fantastic.  Our licensed massage therapists are men and women are who are dedicated to the goals of the patient and their individual course of treatment.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for a marathon or just looking to relieve tension, the Cobblestone team has a massage for you.


Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage will use five different types of strokes in order to gently relax the muscles and then increase the blood flow to the areas of the body.  While it is not actually Swedish in origin -- developed by a Dutch practitioner and called a "classic massage" by non-English speakers -- it is a staple of massage healing and an excellent complement to chiropractor treatments.  Just as a chiropractor will relieve pressure on bones, a Swedish massage can be beneficial to relieving osteoarthritis and joint stiffness by increasing the oxygen circulation to the afflicted area.  A Swedish massage uses longer strokes, beginning with an effleurage glide across the area, then kneading the muscle group, using rhythmic tapping to break up knots, cross fiber friction, and finally a vibration or shaking method.

Deep Tissue or Myofacial Release

A deep tissue massage seeks to alleviate the surface tension of muscles that cause clumping or binding.  These are recommended by chiropractors who see patients in severe pain and are also beneficial for persons who engage in strenuous physical activity (such as movers and construction workers).  One of the benefits of deep tissue massage is its ability to affect the connective tissue between muscles, cartilage, and bones.  This massage targets and relieves pain between muscle groups. 

Trigger Point or Neuromuscular Therapy

Trigger point therapy addresses knotted nerves deep within your skeletal muscles that are known as 'hyperirritable.’  This therapy works to eliminate the knotting and the pain that radiates out from these points. Targeted kneading and skilled pressure helps to release the knot and increases blood flow to the area.  Trigger points often have bearing on other parts of the body.  Some headaches, for example, can be relieved by neuromuscular massage on trigger points in the back.  Good communication between the massage therapist and the patient makes this type of massage particularly effective and patients can be guided in breathing and relaxation techniques that contribute to overall pain relief.   

Sports Massage

A sports massage is a great way to prepare for or recover from major exertion of the body.  Professional sports team keep a number of massage therapists on hand for sore joints, knotted muscles, or cramps that come in the natural progression of training and practice.  Every muscle group is capable of being damaged after a workout and sports massage targets these before and after a workout to minimize harm.  Assisted, isolated stretching can be used to increase the benefits of the massage.  If you are a regular around the track or pool, or if you just want a bit of an advantage for a big event, you can prepare your muscles with a sports massage.  A muscle's ability to do work depends on the blood flow it receives; a massage therapist can target the muscle groups most used in a sport and work on them to boost the blood flow.  After an event or between workouts, therapy focused on fatigued muscles and drainage of lactic acid can speed recovery and healing time. 

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